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Neighbors Benefit from Iranian Laboratory Services

Iran’s neighbouring countries have turned into the new customers of the country’s laboratory services and the Islamic Republic is to facilitate the transfer of domestic laboratory services to these states.

The manager of the Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network (LabsNet) of the country’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology says it is to provide access and facilitate the provision of laboratory services to neighbouring countries in a more regular and systematic way.

Reza Asadi-Fard noted that currently, laboratories in Iranian border cities are providing services to neighbours, but plans have been developed to provide them with services more systematically, using the existing capabilities of Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network.

According to Asadi-Fard, using the capabilities and services of other countries’ laboratories to enhance the country’s research potentials is the next cornerstone of the lab.

The goal of LabsNet is making connection with other countries especially Iran’s neighbours to share research and laboratory experiences and services. Its job includes providing laboratory services, interlaboratory comparisons, training, standardization and other international affairs.

Source: Iran to Provide Neighbours with Lab Services: Ifp News



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